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We are 20 years old this year! Established in 2004, Caroline & Rachel have been practising from 61 Heath Road for 20 years! A combined experience of over 50 years.
Our sessions are 45 minutes long. We dedicate the extra time, in comparison to other clinics, to ensuring we offer a thorough assessment alongside quality hands on treatment every session .

£65 Initial Assessment £60 subsequent follow up sessions


mobile 07484 173826


£65 Initial Assessment £60 subsequent follow up sessions - all sessions are 45 minutes



You will be fully assessed by Caroline or Rachel who are both qualified Chartered Physiotherapists. We will ask you specific questions to ascertain the history and mechanism of your injury including any investigations and previous treatment you may have received. We will chat through the treatment options as well as any way we can assist you by communicating with your GP or Consultant.

There will also be a physical examination at each session testing the anatomical structures surrounding the injured area. You may be required to undress to your underwear to expose the appropriate part of your body to be treated however, you are welcome to wear a pair of shorts and t-shirt instead. We always use towels to maintain modesty and dignity during treatment sessions and totally understand that that exposing our bodies is a very sensitive subject and will ALWAYS repsect your wishes at all times.
You will also be given a specific programme of exercises tailored to your injury to continue at home. We believe Physiotherapy is a partnership, we do our part but for treatment to be fully effective it is essential for our patients to continue at home between sessions to achieve good carry over of treatment. Never fear though, we are realistic about what is achieveable in our modern busy lives.

Appointments last 45 minutes. Our sessions are often up to 15 minutes longer than our competitors but this is because we feel strongly that in order to accurately assess, diagnose and offer quality hands on treatment at every session the extra time is essential.

You are welcome to be accompanied to your treatment sessions.

Treatment can include advice regarding the present condition and prevention of recurrence. Gentle loosening techniques to the joints and massage techniques will performed by us, with your permission. Exercises to strengthen and mobilise the joints, muscles and other soft tissue. Electrotherapy modalities such as Ultrasound, Hot packs and Ice. Acupuncture is also available and will be discussed if appropriate.

It is possible to feel some slight soreness post treatment which should pass within 24-48 hours.

If you have a Cardiac Pacemaker please inform me when booking an appointment.

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Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your injury and to arrange an appointment.
I am always more than happy to chat over the phone about your condition.

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